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Welcome to our store

What is a flower subscription?

What is a flower subscription?


We are half way through January, and with another 30 cm of snow coming to the Ottawa Valley, one has to ask, "how do we get through January?" For those of you who love winter and winter-time sports, it isn't an issue. I do love the snow and walking in the woods with my dogs or going on a sleigh ride with my miniature horse. But, I can't wait for spring and all that it brings!

This weekend I am delivering a bunch of posies with a special poem to customers who have ordered a Winter Posy Subscription. I am excited to share all the beautiful (Ontario grown) flowers I have on hand with you! 

Flower "subscriptions" have been around for a long time; however, they have become popular in the last 10 years with the expansion of local flower growers. We have a very short summer and an abundance of flowers that bloom all at once! So to make sure many of you can enjoy our beautiful blooms, we ask our customers to order a "flower or bouquet (or posy) subscription." This means that the customer pays up front for the delivery of their flowers each week, every two weeks or as agreed upon. This is a form of "community supported agriculture" (or horticulture, in this case). 

Flower subscriptions come in many forms. It depends on what the flower farmer offers. You can receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries and pay for one or several months in advance. 

It is a wonderful way to support your local flower growers and to receive fabulous flower bouquets on a regular basis. 

I offered flower subscriptions in the summer and fall, made with only the flowers from our gardens. I miss doing that, so why not start again! I am currently buying in Ontario grown flowers (in greenhouses this time of year) to fulfill subscriptions. I love the quality of the flowers, and I am able to get some of our favourites, like snapdragons and lisianthus. 

See details on our Winter Posy Subscription below or in the link above. And don't miss the poem for January. Deliveries are still available for this Sunday, Jan. 15!

Hang in there,

Debbie (and Toby and Billie-Rose!)

Debbie with her two collies

Our Winter Posy Subscription works like this: 

Enjoy a fresh flower bouquet (posy) delivered to your door, every two weeks for a minimum of 4 deliveries, delivery and taxes included! Special theme for each posy with language of flowers included. Delivery starts first Sunday after you place your order unless otherwise requested.

January's theme "Get us through January," and poem (you'll receive the poem with your order)

Oh January!

Oh January,
You challenge us
To only think kind thoughts (Lisanthas),
To trust (Freesia) that spring will come,
To seek protection and healing (Eucalyptus),
To remember our strength (Snapdragon),
Even though the everlasting beauty (Statice) of winter snow,
And your often peaceful (Olive) and silent days,
Offers protection and prosperity (Winged Everlasting) to Mother Earth.
January, you remind us of our love of life (Pink Rose) and that spring will come forth!

If you are on vacation for a few weeks, we can hold the delivery for when you will be at home. Deliveries will be on Sunday afternoons to Ottawa, (including Manotick, Greely, Metcalfe, Osgoode, Edwards, Russell, Embrun, etc.), and Orleans and surrounding towns. 

Debbie, the owner of Posies and Poems, has more than 35 years experience growing and using herbs and flowers. A trained horticulturalist, herbalist and floral designer, Debbie created Posies and Poems to offer a uniquely designed bouquet (posy) accompanied by a poignant message (poem), based on the language of flowers. 

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