Collection: Dried Flower Arrangements: Alzheimer's Fundraising

Buy any product on this page and we will donate 25% of the sale to the The Alzheimer Society of Canada.

I have a personal experience with Alzheimer's disease as a close family member was diagnosed a few years ago. It is a challenging disease about which we are still learning. I am certainly grateful for all the support my family and I have received from The Alzheimer Society. The information the Society provides, the links to services they offer, and the important research they undertake helps those who suffer from this difficult disease, and their families and friends who who care for them.

As we all age, it is certain that you will know someone in your family or circle of friends who suffers from Dementia or Alzheimer's. The Alzheimer Society's research indicates that in 2021, almost 600,000 people over 65 in Canada are living with Dementia, and that number is expected to rise to close to a million by 2030. 

So, we are supporting research into a cure for Alzheimer's and services that support those with the disease and those who care for them.

Dried flower arrangements (or posies as we like to call them) are a great way to enjoy the beauty of flowers in your home all year long. They are all unique designs which are hand-crafted. Each arrangement comes with a list of the dried flowers or plants and their messages (or "poetry"), based on the language of flowers. We offer free local delivery and we can ship your dried arrangement across North America.