About Posies and Poems


Posy of roses, pink and yellow

What is a posy?
A posy is a bouquet of flowers that conveys a message, based on the language of flowers. 

"As gallant as giving a posy may be, it is the secret message delivered via each individual flower that provides the overall symbolism of the presentation of the tidy bouquet, since a little can, in fact, mean a lot." — S. Theresa Dietz, Author of The Complete Language of Flowers

What makes our posies different?
Each Posies and Poems design is uniquely handcrafted and based on the language of flowers. By giving a bouquet or a wreath with a message, you are giving a special gift that speaks not only of the beauty of flowers and herbs, but also speaks to the receiver in the way words or a poem in a card might. It is a very special gift and card all in one!

How are our flowers grown?
We grow and dry our flowers and herbs in Riverside South Ontario, just outside Ottawa. We take the time to carefully seed, plant, tend and harvest and dry our flowers and herbs. They are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides. We grow our flowers using organic methods: we use compost and other natural fertilizers, and irrigate with rainwater or well water.

How to care for your posy
Your fresh flower posy comes with its own ceramic or glass vase and is already arranged and conditioned to last (each stem is carefully harvested, trimmed, and soaked in water for several hours). We suggest you change the water everyday or every other day if possible (this helps reduce the growth of bacteria), and display it away from direct sunlight. Some flowers last longer than others, so if one starts to wilt, carefully remove it and continue to enjoy the rest! Most bouquets will last at least 7-12 days depending on what is in it and how it is cared for.

We include a card with a poem or message that lists the flowers and herbs in the products we sell and their meaning, based on the language of flowers (its poetry).

Thank-you for your purchase. Enjoy! 
Debbie, Owner Posies and Poems

Owner of Posies and Poems holding a bouquet