Photo Gallery of Gardens in 2022

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Collage of photos garden and animals

We are happy to share with you some of the beauty of our 2022 gardens. These gardens were expanded in 2022 on our former farm in Bourget, Ontario. Debbie had to move due to family health issues, so our flower gardens are now based on an acre property in Greely, Ontario. You may see a miniature horse or a collie or two, as well! farm field before planting
In early May 2022, we started prepping the garden beds. This is the very beginning, just adding some topsoil and a lot of work ahead!

Prepping garden bedsPrepping garden beds

Next, with some family help and a hired hand, we shaped beds, added topsoil and sheep compost, and began planting. Within a month, the gardens looked like this! 

 Garden beds plantedGarden beds planted and growing

The Rose Garden was the first to bloom. Planted with 15 varieties of roses, of which about half were bred before 1900 with one going back to the 1500s.

Heirloom rose

Below: Emily Carr Red Rose in bloom

Emily Carr Rose BushEmily Carr rose in bloom


Peach Rose

 Gardens at sunset

More coming!