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Posies and Poems

Wedding Confetti: 100% dried flower petals!

Wedding Confetti: 100% dried flower petals!

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Confetti in drawstring bags

I collect flower petals and dry them to make natural confetti. 100% dried flower petals, packaged in white drawstring bags or buy bulk and make your own!

Each bag contains one cup full, which is 4 handfuls (1/4 cup per hand). 

5 cups will do for 20 handfuls; 10 cups for 40 handfuls; and 20 cups for 80 handfuls!

The mix starts like this, then is ground down to make smaller pieces suitable for confetti. It is a beautiful blend of darker and lighter colours.

 See images below.

Dried flower mix
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Debbie, the owner of Posies and Poems, has more than 35 years experience growing and using herbs and flowers. A trained horticulturalist, herbalist and floral designer, Debbie created Posies and Poems to offer a uniquely designed bouquet (posy) accompanied by a poignant message (poem), based on the language of flowers.