Photo Gallery: From a Farm in Bourget to a Garden in Riverside South

Our flower farm was formerly in Bourget, Ontario. Started in 2020, we are happy to have been growing and supplying flowers to our customers year round: In the summer from our gardens, and in the winter, we buy in flowers.

Debbie has now moved to Riverside South after spending a year in Greely. We are settled in a home we own and our flowers gardens, however much smaller (!) will continue to supply ingredients for our bouquets in the spring, summer and fall.

Below are a few photos of Bourget and Greely gardens.

In Bourget, before...

farm field before planting

And, then. below, after...

With family help and a hired hand, we shaped beds, added topsoil and sheep compost, and began planting. Within a month, the gardens looked like this! 

 Garden beds plantedGarden beds planted and growing

On the farm I grew hundreds of flowers, including roses, snapdragons, dahlia, cosmos, zinnia, calendula, monarda, clarkia, delphinium, lisianthus, sweet william, sunflowers, bunny tails, amaranthus, baby's breath, celosia, hydrangeas, sweet peas, dried flowers -- gomphrena, statice, strawflowers, wings everlasting, and most herbs! Below are a few photos.

Flower gardens, BourgetSnapdragons in the setting sunRows of flowersStart of lisianthus garden
LisianthusBrown LisianthusDeep Purple LisianthusLavender Lisianthus

 Heirloom Rose dating back to the 1500sRed Heirloom RoseProlific Pink spray rose

A row of snapdragonsCentaurea, CornflowersClarkiaCalendulaDahlia, purpleChina Asters, cream and lavender

ZinniaZinniaZinnia, candycane

CosmosCosmos, pink, purpleHops in flowerAmaranthCelosia, CockscombAmaranth, DreadlocksBaby's Breath

 Sweet Pea, purpleSweet Pea, pinkSweet Pea, purple, white

Cosmos, yellowFlower gardens