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Posies and Poems

Deluxe White Doves Christmas Urn

Deluxe White Doves Christmas Urn

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This Deluxe Christmas urn includes fresh evergreens and berries, Christmas ornaments, pine cones, dove ornaments, lights, and a festive ribbon. It may also contain dried flowers.

The urn is made of high quality recycled plastic. We fill our urns with premium potting soil. BONUS!! Return your urn to us in the spring with the potting soil and we will fill it with beautiful flowering annuals (price to be determined). If you don't plan to use it again, please don't throw it out: Instead, return it to us anytime for a $20.00 store credit. 

Urns can be picked up or delivered anytime up until December 20th. 

We will be closed from Dec. 21st until January 3rd.

Evergreens in this Urn and their messages include: 

Amaranth (dried)~ Endless love
Balsam Fir ~ All-seeing
Celosia (dried) ~ Affection
Cedar ~ Prosperity, long life
Cotton (dried) ~ Luck
Hydrangea (dried) ~ Gratefulness
Pine ~ Endurance, loyalty
Winterberries ~ Good cheer, good luck, courage

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Debbie, the owner of Posies and Poems, has more than 35 years experience growing and using herbs and flowers. A trained horticulturalist, herbalist and floral designer, Debbie created Posies and Poems to offer a uniquely designed bouquet (posy) accompanied by a poignant message (poem), based on the language of flowers.